You were out in the backyard, laid upon grass in the middle of the night. You had your hands behind your head, thick blanket wrapped around you. It was pretty chilly but that didn't stop you from enjoying the night sky.

The stars shined as you took in a deep breath, then breathed out. You saw your breath shown before you as you smiled. You moved an arm from out behind your head, opening your palm up to the sky.

Surprising you, a hand was placed over yours and holding it softly. You soon noticed a familiar face smirk at you.

"It's kinda cold out, y'know."

"Yeah, and?" You chuckled as you sat up, glancing up at Q. He laughed, taking a seat by you. He glanced up, squinting.

"I can see why're you're out." He smiled softly.

There was a comfortable silence. And a moment later, you noticed Q scooting closer.

"Mind sharing?" He asked as you turned to glance at him. He over exagerated with a shiver and you smiled.

You wrapped him in the covers and yourself as well. You snuggled close to him, lying your head against his shoulder.

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