Murr laid on the towel, taking in the nice warmth of the sun. He smiled as he heard the crashing of the waves. Beside him was you, sitting up and under the umbrella. You were putting on sun screen, and with a clean hand munching on your lunch sandwich.

You glanced at the sleeping Murr, chuckling. He peeked at you, raising a brow. "What?" You shook your head, swallowing your sandwich. "Nothing."

He stared at you, shaking his head. After twenty minutes and your assurance he was asleep - from poking his belly - you began a plan. You squirt some sun screen on your finger and made a thin line on Murr's upper lip.

After a while, Murr sat up awake. He stretched, smacked his lips, and looked over at you.

"What time is it?"

You snickered, "Uh, Uhm, ehe. 12-12:35."

"Oh, we should be going soon.. Why're you snickering."

You laughed more, shaking your head, "No, No reason." He realized you were staring at him, taking his phone and looking at his reflection in the dark screen. He saw something white on his upper lip and his eyes widdened. "What is it. Ew ew ew."

He wiped it off, whining. He finally rubbed it away, hesitantly smelling his hands.

"Wha-" He stared at you. "Sunscreen?" he made a bland, annoyed look.

"Love you." Your pecked his cheek, getting up and picking up your bag. "Now let's get going."

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