You felt our eye lids slowly begin to droop, phone in hand and by your cheek as you laid upon the couch. You were reading an article on who knows what when you just couldn't take it.

You were mid snooze when you realized a soft texture started to cover your whole bottom half of your body. You were confused but stayed in the calm slumber like state - though peaking an eye. You caught sight of someone placing covers over you.

Another layer was placed on you. You peaked once more and caught sight of a familiar face.


You felt a warm feeling overcome you. From peaking, you noticed he was hesitant from leaving. As he walked near your lying head, you closed your peaking eye. The next feeling you felt was a hand on your head, moving hair to the side from your face, and then lips along yours. It was a just a peck but you couldn't help but smile.

And hopefully, he thought you were just dreaming.

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