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You sat in the living room recliner, covers wrapped around you, and pillows around you. You held the remote, flipping the channels. The tv was set low volume and the light lighting the dark lit room. It was the only light, in all honesty, in the room - besides your phone when it notified your game was done with items.

You yawned, eyes drooping. You almost dead asleep was it not for the front door opening. And in came Sal with a wrapped box. You lazily looked at him, humming.

"Home late?"

"It was for a good cause."

You nodded, thinking it was for work or the show or something along the line. The light in the living room was turned on to your misfortune. You grumbled, covering your eyes with your hand.

"Ugh, turn it off."

"Don't you wanna see what I got?"

You narrowed your eyes, looking at the box. "What is it?"

He laid the box on your lap, "Go ahead and see."

You looked at him, then the box. You instantly tore the wrapping, seeing it was a cage. A cage?

Then you finished and saw what was inside it. A pup?

"Awe, oh my gosh!" You said in a tired but happy voice, opening the door to the cage and pulling out the small pup. You put the cage down and held the small (favorite breed), petting it softly.

"You like it?"

"I love it!" You pulled Sal down, hugging him and kissing his cheek.

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