"Say 'Ah'."

"Ahhh." Murr opened his mouth wide, eyes full of happiness and humour. Your rolled your own, putting the spoonfull of your homemade pudding in his mouth. He closed his mouth on the spoon as you then began to pull it out.

"How is it? I tried from scratch." He smacked his lips, looking up to the corner at nothing really and made a funny face.

"Jesus It's sweet." 

You frowned, slouching.

"I geniunly tried this time." You sighed as he wrapped his arms around you.

"I know. You're just starting this 'homemade' schtick. You're fine." He held you close, giving butterfly kisses to your cheek while you pouted.

"But I wanna be better quicker." You whined, poking his cheek with the spoon.

"Stop that." He chuckled, pulling away slightly and looking directly at you. You gave him a puppy eyed look, pouting your lips. He sighed, rolling his own eyes and leaned in to kiss your lips. You returned the kiss, still patting his face with the spoon.

"Stop that." He whined against your lips.

"Never." You whined back.

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