After slipping on shorts and one of Murr's shirts, you wrapped a towel along your hair and sprayed a favorite scented perfume on. You breathed in from your nose deeply, smiling at the rich smell.

Opening the bathroom door, steam was set free that was previously trapped by the closed door. You felt a sudden chill run up your spine as you hurried to the bedside. There, you curled up under the covers next to a sound asleep Murr.

Someone he managed to fall asleep with a loud television still on.

You laughed to yourself, snuggling to his side. Wrapping your arms around the man, you grabbed the remote that lay on his belly and turned off the tv. Leaning over the sleeping man, you laid the remote on the nighstand.

The only light source available for the room was the slowly darkening night sky from the window, halfway hidden by the blinds.

You kissed his cheek softly, closing your eyes.

A sudden movement made you frown. Had you awoke sleeping beauty?

His eyes opened sleepily as he slowly stretched.

"Sorry, did I wake you?" You whispered.

"Nah." He smiled softly, kissing your cheek in return.

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