"Hey, (y/n)? You still in here?" Q entered the laundry room. He had noticed you'd been in there for quite some time and had began to worry that you may have gotten lost while folding clothes.

Yes, this was something that could happen to you.

Q kitted his bows in confusion as he entered the laundry room and saw no sight of you.


"I'm over here." Your voice was muffled by something unknown.

"Where is 'here'?"

Q then found your hand slowly sticking out a large pile of clothes.

"What are you-?"

"They're so warm." The pile of clothes starting moving and a few pair of pants and a shirt fell to the floor, revealing your head. You were smiling lazily arms now appearing as they wrapped around the warm pile.

Q couldn't help but laugh loudly as he neared the pile, "I had the heater on."

"These are much warmer."



Q placed a kiss on your lips, "You're too much."

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