Q lay in his bed, staring mindlessly at the ceiling. Occasionally, he'd close his eyes and grunt. The softness of the bed relaxed his aching bones from the access movement earlier that day. Sighing, he opened his eyes. Instantly, he realized a bump at the edge of the bed. It wasn't there a moment ago. Had he even felt movement beforehand? Maybe it was just a dent in the covers from his foot?

That thought was instantly thrown away as the bump casually moved up the covers. Q's heart sped up. What was it? Had an animal got in? Was there a ghost? Monster? Endless, crazy thoughts were thrown about his mind as he quickly began to sit up.

He squeaked as he felt a hand on his leg. A cold one at that.

"Peek-A-Boo!" You poked out from the covers, a top of Q. At first his eyes were wide, then he grumbled.

"Dont do that!"

You pouted, "Why?"

He chuckled, rolling his eyes. "You scared me." You giggled back, leaning down and giving him a quick kiss. You felt yourself being moved from a top of him to below him. Being pressed against the bed, you smiled faintly up at Q who continued the kiss.

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