"Wha- What the hell is that?" Sal gestured rather rudely towards the pot. He had a rather unamused sneer on his face. You frowned deeply as you looked up from your stirring to his face.

"Well, it's supposed to be cream of chicken."

"Looks more like cream of burnt goop, jesus christ."

You huffed, "Well, I tried. Really."

He sighed, "Did you read the ingredients?"

You glared at him, "Yes," You picked up the empty can and gave it good look over. "I opened the can, poured it into the pan, and- Oh."



Sal's face fell flat, "The one time I decide to eat in tonight." He sighed, "What did you do wrong?"

"Didn't add water."

Sal was blank for a whole five seconds before he burst into laughter. "Jeez, (Name)."

You slouched in defeat and stared down your pot. He pulled you close and turned off the stove top. "Let's go get some Chinese or something, alright?" He laughed.

You sighed in defeat, muttering something about stupid chickens as Sal dragged you along to the front door.

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