"Ah, fuck."


"Ah, sorry." Joe looked up from his phone, "My team just lost."

"Well, our child is about to say his first word." You rolled your eyes as you looked at (child's name). You smiled instantly, "Now c'mon (Child's Name)! Say Mama."

Joe looked up from his phone, "No, say papa! Dada!" He encouraged with a wild, happy smile. The boy looked from you then to Joe. The babe's bottom lip was pouted out, looking like he contemplated on the words.

"Mama. Ma-ma." You said slowly and leaned closely to the babe.

"You sound scary, (Name)."

You looked from you two's babe to glared at him, "Say mama." You said and looked back at the babe.

"No, no. Say papa. Papa is way better than mama." Joe said with a hint of smugness to him.

"Mama is smarter than papa. She knows better than papa! So say mama! Ma-ma!"

"Papa is a better cook than mama." Joe shot back with as much cockiness.

You pulled back from the babe and glared at Joe a final time, "Mama!"




"Ah-Ah..." The babe began and the both of you leaned towards your babe.

"Ah, ah ma?" You said.

"Ah, ah pa?" Joe said.

"Ah, ah- fuck." The babe said and shook it's fist, hitting the high chair table.

Your eyes widened as you hit Joe's shoulder rather hard. Joe just burst in laughter.


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