You sighed, feeling rather uncomfortable at the party you were invited to.

It was Murr's idea and you were hesitant at first. You were gonna deny going whatsoever and at this moment you wish you did. But you guessed it was Murr's puppy dog eyes that caused you to come.

"Hey, (Name)! Glad you could come." Murr patted your shoulder, smiling.

You smiled weakly, "Yeah, no problem."

You watched as the man walked off, greeting his other guests. And you had no idea who any of the guests were.

Even though Joe lived with Murr, he even decided to go out that night - giving a rather obvious fake reason to. And you wondered why you didn't do the same.

You crossed your legs, watching as more and more strangers walked in through the door. You mentally whimpered as you closed your eyes.

The weight of the couch suddenly sunk in, causing you glance to your left. A familiar face smiled, "Hey, (Name). Thought you weren't gonna come?" Sal asked.

"I wasn't-" You whined, causing Sal to laugh. "I thought you weren't either."

"Nothing better to do." He said, placing his arm along the back of the couch, just behind your own back. A moment later, his arm slid down, wrapping around your shoulder. You blushed, letting him keep his hand there.

He glanced at you as you took his hand in yours.

"Well, this party might be a little interesting." he spoke up, smirking.

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