Q - Hey :-*

You - Hey (:

Q - You home?

You - Yeah, why?

Q - Gotcha a little something. It's our 3 year anni, aint it? <3 (:

You - Awe, yeah <3

Q - Q SENT AN IMAGE! (There sat a tiny wrapped box on a table, a cute bow sat neatly a top)

You - You're so sweet sometimes, i swear

Q - Be there in 25, kay?

You - Alright, love you!

Q - :*** <3

And in exactly 25 minutes, the doorbell rang. You answered, greeted with a handsomely dressed Q. You blushed as you were handed the tiny box, looking down at it. He smiled, leaning in to place a kiss on your lips.

You unwrapped the box, trying not to do it too quickly, though. A gasp suddenly escaped you as the present came in sight.


Brian took the ring from the box, getting down on one knee.

"___, will you-"

"Yes!" He didn't have to say anymore, you wrapping your arms around his neck and kissing him with much passion.

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