"What are you-?"

"Just be patient!" Murr said with a smile as he had his hands around your eyes while he lead you blindly into the kitchen.

"You better not let me trip."

Murr laughed, "I won't! Calm down, (y/n)."

You huffed, but listened as you were the abruptly stopped. You smelt something that faintly resembled pastries or some sort of cake.

"Okay, hold on. Keep your eyes closed real quick." You sighed as he pulled his hands away from your face. You wanted to peak but at the same time you didn't want to disobey Murr.

"Alright, open!"

You opened to find Murr holding a tray that held a cake. It was square shaped with (favorite flavored) icing. It was a sloppy icing job, but you couldn't help but smiling wide at the letters.

I love you.

Your heart swelled, "I love you too, Murr."

He placed the cake on the table, wrapped you in a warm embrace, and placed a lingering kiss on your lips.

"You're my everything, (y/n)."

At this, you gave him sweet little pecks to his lips.

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