Warning: Slight sexual innuendo


You paused, staring at Sal. "..What?"

"Just stop."


"Stop eating that banana like that."

You paused and stared at him, "Are you serious?" You looked down at the banana and then back at Sal.

"Very, now stop."

You stared at the banana once again then towards Sal, but with a rather large smirk. You took the tip of the banana into your mouth and begin to look seductive.


You pulled it out of your mouth, "What?"

He gave you a look. You laughed and took it into your mouth once more, flicking your tongue out. Sal gave a whimper as you continued your actions.


Then you began bobbing your head just a tad bit, gaining a louder sound from Sal. That's when you stared directly at the man and did the least expected. You bit down and began to eat the piece of banana. Sal's eyes widened.

"Now fuck off so I can eat my banana." You narrowed your eyes as you turned away from him.

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