You smiled as family member after family member passed your table, congratulating you both at coming so far in the relationship. You were steadily thanking them with a bright blush, smiling shyly. Sal of course was eating up your demeanor, arm around your shoulder as he shook hand's of the men of your family.

It wasn't a surprise hat some of your cousins and uncles gave Sal the shovel talk, occasionally leaving the poor man looking white as a sheet. You couldn't help but snort out laughter at this, occasionally taking a sip of your punch.

It wasn't minutes later that it was time for the cake cutting. There were so many things about this wedding that you anticipated and the cutting of the cake was definitely one of them.

Everyone still chatted away as you two began cutting a slice for each other. The chatter quietened as he began taking a piece of the cake onto the fork. He fed you the cake and you hummed appreciatively. God, it was fantastic.

And then it was your turn. But then you smirked mischievously, looking from the slice to Sal. He looked confused until you took the cake in hand. His eyes widened and then it happened.

You pressed the whole slice into his face and his gasped, eyes closed. Icing slid from his face, cake pieces hanging from the icing. He slowly wiped the mess from his face.

"Oh, it's on."

And with that, you two started pressing cake piece after cake piece onto each other. Needless to say, your wedding gown wasn't in good shape afterwards, but his silly kiss afterwards made you care less.

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