A/N: Inspired by comments
Teddy Q FTW!


You were currently pressed back into Q, lying sideways on the couch. He was basically spooning you as some movie played on the television in front of the two of you. You had watched the beginning, but slowly you started paying more attention to Q's breathing pattern more and his hands in front of you.

Casually, you took his hand in yours and mindlessly played with them. You rubbing along his palm and admired the simple details. It was silly things like this that Q told you he adored, so of course you'd never stop.

Moving one hand to prop your head, you continued to play with your other hand. And without a warning, Q intertwined both of your fingers. You felt heat invade your cheeks and you smiled. His thumb grazed the back of your hand and you sighed happily.

You pressed more into him and enjoyed the heat that he supplied. He was so soft, such cuddle material. A silly thought came to mind as you laughed, detangling your fingers, and turning to face Q. He rose a brow, a smirk appearing across his face.

You nuzzled into his chest and he laughed.


"You're my Teddy Q." You mumbled along his chest.

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