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"Oh my God, Q."


"Oh my God."


You cuddled Q's side, burrying your head in his neck. "You're like a big cuddle Teddy bear." You whispered in a sweet voice. He looked at you weirdly, laughing. "Comfortable?"

You simply nodded, humming. "I could lay here for days. No, no. Months." You squeaked, "Maybe years." You begin to giggle and Q was beginning to think you'd lost your marbles for good.

"You sure you're ok, ____?" He asked, playing with a few strands of your hair. Again, you just nodded. "Can I call you Teddy Q." You paused, then laughed quite loud. "Teddy Q! That's adorable." Q heard you yawn and cuddle more into his side.

A few moments of silence, Q spoke up, "___? ___, you awake?" And as if on queue, he heard a snore. You then smacked your lips, smiling. He was curious what had caused you to act this way but ignored it as he himself began to drift off.

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