The two of you laughed as flowers, rice, - and was that fucking glitter?! - rained over the both of you. You ducked under as you were lead into the white limo, nearly shocked. Hadn't you both agreed at using his car?

You didn't say anything as Joe hopped in after, pressing up against you. He pressed his lips along yours and cupped your face with both his hands. "God, I can't believe your my wife."

"Better believe it." You said cheekily, winking as he pressed closely to him. It was then you saw the inside of the limo and gawked. There was a bottle of champagne in a bucket of ice as well as finger foods sitting on a small table. There were a few gifts you were guessing was for the honeymoon and damn if you didn't feel giddy at the idea.

You looked back at Joe, "Before you say anything." Joe said before you could speak, "This was a surprise I planned because you deserve the absolute best."

You looked adoringly at the man and hummed happily, "God I love you Joe Gatto!" You laughed and gave him a passionate kiss.

And with that, the limo drove on with the two of you enjoying each other's company.

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