Who were you to call? You kept repeating the question over and over in your head. Of course a few were better than the other and picking the wrong one would lead to a terrible date... Jesus Christ, this sounded like some sim dating game.

You sighed and looked at the list of phone numbers. Your heart sped up at the possibilities to come. Of course your mind was having these thoughts instead of deciding already and that really bothered you.

But then it hit you.

You gave an sharp intake of air and then dialed his number.


"Is this Sal?"

"The one and only. And I presume this is (Name)?"

"You've reached her." You smiled and chew your bottom lip.

"Awesome, So you wanna meet back up at the coffee shop? My treat."

"Sound great to me! See you there?" And with that you said your goodbyes and hung up. With a soft smile, you just hoped it was a winner.


Upon entering the coffee shop, you were surprised to find Sal there first. He was sitting in a lone booth and sipping mindlessly at a frape as he stared in front of him, presumably at nothing.

You began to near him and that's when his eyes fell to you. His face lit up instantly and you felt every fiber of your being shiver.

"(Name)!" He called out and you waved shyly. You took a seat in front of him. And if you weren't already surprised, you were stunned to find two cups of your favorite frape sitting at the table, one of course for Sal himself.

"How'd you-?"

"You had it yesterday." He flashed you a grin and you laughed.

"Oh yeah." Then there was a short silence.

"Sorry if I came off as a creep yesterday, by the way. I'm terrible around the ladies, if you can't tell." He rubbed the back of his neck.

"Oh, you're fine. I find it kind of brave, actually." You said and looked down at your frape. You took a sip and cautiously looked up. What you saw made you flush. He was smiling at you with another unreadable emotion.


"You're adorable, y'know?"

You were taken by surprise for a moment but then a subtle smile played across your face.

"Are you always so cheesy?" You teased and shot him a look.

"I try to be." He shrugged, "But you wouldn't believe me if I said this is kinda my first date."

You gave him another look, "Now you said you were terrible with the ladies but I didn't know you were that terrible!" You joked and smirked.

"How many dates have you been on, huh?"

"One, but at least I've had some experience." You gave him a sly smile and he rolled your eyes.

"I can tell this'll be a blast dating you."

You blinked, "You'll want to date me again?"

"Uh, of course."

You felt yourself become giddy at the thought. He wanted to continue this. And at that you knew you made the correct decision.

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