Putting pencil to pink paper, Joe drew, curved, and erased. He hummed a unknown tune as he continued his creation.

Moments later, he folded the paper, cut, unfolded, and flattened the paper. He picked up a glue stick and spread it along the paper. He then applied glitter - almost spilling the whole tube onto it.

What could he be doing to make him sound and seem like a kindergardener having fun with construction paper?

A home made Valentine's card, of course!

Leaning back, Joe looked at his creation and smiled.


A couple minutes later, he grabbed the card and headed towards the living room.

You sat on the couch, snacking on a bag of your favorite chips. Who really weren't paying attention at what you were watching, mostly busy on your phone, texting a friend.

Joe walked up from behind the couch, sitting by you. You hardly acknowledge his presence as you munched away.

He then placed his card on your lap and he walked away.

You looked from your phone to your lap, then arched your neck back to see Joe walk away. You looked confused. When you looked back down at your lap, you realized something.

It was Valentine's day, wasn't it?

You laid your phone to the side and picked up the card.

Seeing the effort and excess amount of glitter and designs made your blush. Inside was a really cheesy pick up line and inside joke. You giggled, shaking your head.

A second later, lips were pressed to your cheek.

"Happy Valentine's Day, Babe."

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