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You laid on your bed, phone in hand. By passing the time, you found yourself stumbling upon an odd app by the name of 'Wattpad'. Reading was something of a hobby for you and this book like app offered free reads and allowed writers.

Upon the app, you found a reader insert of a show you enjoyed dearly. Impractical Jokers.

Impractical Boyfriends, as it was called. Interesting name, and chock full of fluff and funnies. You'd laugh, blush, even smile a couple times. Being wrapped up so dearly in reading, you hadn't realized the door opening to your room.

That is until a pair of lips placed against your cheek, "What ya doing?" A familiar voice spoke, sitting by you on the bed. You glanced up at Joe, smiling.

"Oh nothing."

i broke a reading barriel, y'all

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