You moved the joystick of the claw machine, tongue stuck out the corner of your mouth. You slowly moved the claw above the desired toy. You tried setting it perfectly and just when you were about to get it -- a voice was heard.


Murr popped from the side. And just as you were about to get the perfect place to go down, you pressed the red button and caught.. nothing.

You groaned, pressing your forehead to the glass.

"Hi, Murr."

Murr frowned, "Oh, I'm sorry!"

You shrugged your shoulders, frowning. "Meh." You gave the section of the grocery store a good look.

Might as well get some snacks.

You walked off, expecting Murr to follow. And you thought he was. That is until you were about to ask if you should get a certain bag of chips and found no Murr.


You walked around abit and then found him by the claw machine. He was bending down when you neared him. And then he pressed a giant teddy bear to you.

You were confused, knitting your brows. And then it dawned on you.

"Sorry about that earlier."

You placed the bear down and quickly hugged Murr tightly, giving his cheek a kiss.

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