Warning: Somewhat mature content implied & mentioned? I'm sorry for that, but I've been reading way too much smut lately lmao.

You had to admit, it took you great courage to actually buy the book that you held tight in your hands. Honestly, your intentions weren't to buy this, but your curiosity got the best of you and, well, you bought it.

What was it, exactly? You glanced down for the millionth time to the book in question and your cheeks flared bright red. A sex position book. You whimpered to yourself and laid your head along the cover.

What in Lord's name willed you to actually buy it?

Then you thought, "Well, because I felt adventurous. And, hm, there needs change in the bedroom."

The thought alone surprised yourself. "Damn, cocky are we, (Name)?" You thought to yourself.

"What ya got there?"

Your eyes widened as you tried your hardest to quickly cover the book with your hands. In the process you let it slip from your lap, bending down trying to get it, but Murr was too quick for your liking.

"You said you were gonna get some books and I was hoping-"

You winced and closed your eyes tight as he stopped talking. You weren't exactly a prude, no, by no means. The bedroom said otherwise, but you'd rather be caught dead than seen with such a book! Why couldn't you just google positions in incognito? That seemed safest, yeah? But-


"I'm sorry, I'm so weird, I just. Y'know, I mean to get another book but," You laughed about to say something else but glanced up to catch Murr's expression.

"Would you want to test these positions, er, out?" Murr said slowly, a smirk slowly appearing.

You looked at him for a moment, "I-" You cleared your throat, "Very much so, actually."

Murr flipped through the book and his own cheeks flared red, "I didn't think-"

"You know i'm not like this but-" You awkwardly shrugged, "Let's spice things up."

"I like the sound of that."

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