"Go fish."

Joe sighed, "Why are we playing this again?"

"No television, no internet."

"Right," He paused, "When did not having internet become so said?"

You shrugged. There was silence between the two of you as y'all glanced towards your cards.

"Do we have any other board games?" He asked. You looked up from your cards, not saying anything while you thought. "Jenga?"



"Oh no, it's fine just-"

"Not, I mean we have Sorry." You laughed.


"Sorry." You snickered. Another length of silence as the two of you glanced at your cards.

Then Joe looked up quickly.


You hummed in response, not looking from your cards.

"You know what we could be doing with our precious time?"

You glanced up, raising a brow.

"Having sex."

You rose both brows and glanced towards the bedroom door. Joe did the same and then glanced back towards you.

Then suddenly you both slammed your cards onto the table as you both dashed towards the bedroom.

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