You laid your phone along the kitchen counter as you searched to pick the perfect pandora station. You smiled contently to yourself as you found your favorite station and chose it. You then grabbed a rag and began on scrubbing the dishes.

A few songs into doing the dishes then a familiar song came on. You gasped and smiled to yourself.

You then began to sway your hips and lip to every lyric to the song. You hadn't realized you were no singing until the chorus came and you were squeaking out the lyrics. You laughed to yourself as you scrubbed the dishes and placed them in the dish washer.

By the near end of the song, you were using a spoon as mic and closing your eyes as in concentration. As the song died off, you heard clapping.

Wait, this wasn't the live version.

The clapping was followed by a laugh and a voice, "Nah, it's me."

Oh, you said that aloud.

You looked up from the sink to window to see your neighbor in his own home with a smirk on his face. Flushing a dark, crimson color, you realized who it was.

It was Sal.

You'd had a crush on him for a while, and now you've embarrassed yourself in front of him.


"I-I," You cleared your throat, "How long have you been there?"

Sal sang the very first verse from his house, and you blushed even more.

"I'm much more mature than this, I promise."

"I hope not. I like my girl's immature and fun."

You were gaping in shock at his words. Did he-?

"Wanna get lunch tomorrow?" He called out.

"I- Sure."

"Great. See you then." And then he closed his window.

You glanced to your phone in shock. Your favorite song was now part of one your favorite memories.

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