Upon entering the coffee shop, you weren't surprised to find Sal not being there. Why would he be? You had gotten there a little earlier than you should, but why not?

You ordered yourself your favorite kind of coffee concoction and fiddled on your phone. You sipped occasionally and smiled to yourself.

Ten minutes passed. Then thirty. Then an hour. Finally, it was two and half hours later and Sal was nowhere to be seen.

You gave a sharp intake of air and felt your heart ache. You were stood up by a guy who gave the first move. What the hell?! You fumed, but at the same time you were upset. By what? The future relationship that could have blossomed.

You stood up abruptly, the chair making a loud unwanted noise as you made your way to the trash can and trashing your long empty cup.

Well, fuck him then. You didn't need him. With that, you left the coffee shop, and without hesitation you blocked his number on your phone.

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