You tied flower after flower in a row, curling the row of flowers and tying it into a small circle. Looking up, you saw Joe doing the same - or at least trying to do the same.

"Having trouble?"

"These damn flowers keeping breaking."

"You gotta be majestic about flower crowns, babe." You smirked and leaned forward, placing the handmade flower crown upon his head.

"How am I to compare to you?" He laughed and straightened the crown on his head. He looked up and smiled wide. "Your skills surpass mine greatly, hun."

"I've done it longer than you, so yeah. Just c'mon, go a little slower. You're going a little too. That's why you're breaking the stem."

"I just don't have the patience." He pouted. You sighed and smiled, scooting closer to him on the grass.

"Lemme help out." You took his hands in yours as you slowly helped tie the stems of the flowers together. While you were staring at his hands, he was staring at you.

"You're beautiful, you know?" He said in almost a soft whisper. You glanced up with flushed cheeks.

"What was in your lunch?" You laughed at that with a nervous air. He gave a sly smile and pressed his lips against yours. As he pulled back, he placed the sloppily made flower crown on your head.

"Still think you do a better job." He laughed at how ridiculous the flower crown looked on your head.

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