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Murr yawned as he lay upon the couch, eyes drooping. He nearly fell asleep on the couch was it not for the semi-loud television playing. He sighed, laying his head on his arms which lay on the couch arm.

He closed his eyes, taking in a deep breath from his nose. This is when he realized a delicious smell, and when was there ever a crackling sound? This curiousity caused the tired Murr to pull himself from the couch and made his way into the kitchen.

You stood by the stove, poking a spatula against cooking bacon. You smiled lazyily, yawning every once in a while. This was a just quick breakfast and you weren't going out whatsoever today, so why not? And, well, who doesn't like bacon. Humming, you pick up some bacon pieces with the spatula and placed them onto a plate. You continued to do this, stealing a piece occasionally.

Finally, you decided you cooked enough, picking up the plate. Turning around, greeted by Murr right behind you. You yelped, nearly dropping the plate but, thankfully, didn't. Murr stole a piece, eating it happily. After calming yourself, you chuckled.

"Well, morning to you, Murr." You walked passed him, kissing his cheek as he took another piece without a word.

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