"I don't-"

"Oh hush and be patient." Q chuckled. He had his hands on your eyes as he walked you from behind.

You had nearly tripped twice in the process, grumbling and cussing the bearded man out numerous times.

"Okay okay." Q stopped walking, you walking oddly and stopping yourself.

"Hold on, keep your eyes closed." He took his hands off your eyes, moving away from you.

"Q I swear-"


You opened your eyes to find the cutest thing in your whole life.

Q sat on the couch, a soft, fluffy puppy in his arms. It was simple adorable! You awed loudly, running over to the two and cuddled Q.

"Happy anniversary." He muttered, leaning and placing a kiss to your lips.

You returned the kiss, earning licks from the dog on your arm. You pulled away, laughing as you pet the pup.

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