Q couldn't do. He just couldn't.

Here he was, dressed handsomely in suit and tie, and in less than an hour, he'll be seeing you walk down the aisle. It was overwhelming at the reality of it all. He couldn't believe he was lucky enough. He's been almost this close in a relationship before, and remembering how it ended made him think twice on if this.

Would the two of your regret it afterwards? Will the two of you have a wonderful life with the picket fence and tire swing like you talked about? Or will it all end in a heartbreaking divorce that leaves the kids spiraling in depression at a fairly early age that-

"Brian." Sal's voice broke through the man's thoughts and he gulped heavily, "You look like you're gonna faint." Sal smirked, a hand on his shoulder.

"More like I'm gonna upchuck a lung." Q smiled weakly, earning a laugh from Sal.

"What's to worry about? You two are perfect for each other. Y'all are like from a god damn cheesy movie, for God's sake."

"Oh, come off it." Q shoved his shoulder playfully, but then sighed heavily whilst looking down. Sal then frowned, looking carefully at his friend.

"Hey, seriously, there's nothing to worry about. You two will have the perfect life, have a few squirts that will make you pull your hair out," Q smirked at that, "and you'll grow old and bicker about medicine, credit reports, and insurance."

"Ain't that the dream life, eh?" Q smiled yet another weak smile. Sal returned the smile.

"When you get to that alter and she starts walking down the aisle, you'll forget why you were even worrying." Sal's smile was patient and reassuring. Q gave in a sharp intake of breath as he nodded.

"Your right."

And he was. Brian was kinda shaking by the time the music began, but it all ceased when he saw you walk with your father. You were all he saw and it made his heart flutter. This wasn't a mistake at all. He knew this was all he wished for.

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