Hovering your finger over the mouse, you found yourself hesitant on whether or not you should click "Match". Would it come off to strong or seem like a desperate person? Who knew who the actual guy was like, y'know? He looked sweet, took interests the same as you. Why not take a risk and click "Match"? I mean, for all you knew, he could ignore it and life would go on.

You moved your hand back, not hitting the button and walked back to the couch that sat behind you. You took a seat, staring at your laptop across the room.

"Should I?" You mumbled aloud to yourself, sitting there for a minute too long. You sighed, getting up and ended up like previously mentioned - hovering your finger over the mouse. A moment later, you found yourself quickly clicking the mouse and the "Match" button lit up.

You sat down on the desk chair, a look of worry flowing over your face. "Shit."


It wasn't till later that day you were reminded of that decision - a vibration to your phone. You were in the middle of a conversation with your friend at lunch, ignoring it for a moment. Mindlessly, you slid your phone from your pocket and checked.

You've received a match!

You've received a message from Salamander!

To the left corner of the small iPhone notification, you noticed it was from that dating website - and it was from, well, him. A message. You could feel your heart in your throat. Had he actually matched you??

Checking out your messages, you realized he actually did.

Hey. Just saw you matched us :-)

You felt your cheeks heat, your friend noticing.

"You alright?"

"Uh, yeah." You glanced up, smiling softly. "Just hold on."

You sent a reply,

Hi, uh, yeah. Sorry..?

You quickly placed your phone on the table, the facing downwards. You fidgeted, your friend ignoring this as they continued their previous conversation.

A vibration sound caught your attention as you quickly took hold of your phone and checked your messages once more.

No, don't be sorry lol :-) It's cute.. Hey, I noticed your live nearby, wanna meet sometime for coffee or something sometime? I mean, if you want that is."

What if he was actually some stalker? What if he was a creep? What if, What if, What if?? What if he was actually this actual sentimental guy who was actually cute and actually nice?

You smiled to yourself, your friend raising a brow at this.

"Seriously, what?"

"Nothing." You promised, waving them off as you typed up a reply.

Yeah, of course! I'd love to. When and where? (:

Not a minute passed when he replied,

Starbucks by the 7/11 tomorrow at three if you're free (unintentionally rhymed that lol)

That's perfect, I get off at 2 lol. See you then (:

You smiled dumbly at your phone, your friend grumbling.


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