Slight depression and social anxiety. If you don't have it or do not understand it, you don't have to read it. It's supposed to be relatable to those with anxiety.

There you stood, on the back porch of your apartment. The sun was now just about to set, starting to dip beneath the sea. You took in a shakey breath, smelling the sweet, saltiness of the sea. You smiled weakly, feeling your cheeks begin to tinge with warmth.

You felt yourself mentally sufficating, like everything around you would fall upon you any moment now. You had no idea what had come over you, beit a sudden struck of emotion or just meaningless mess that lay on your shoulder.

That mess, oh how you wanted to just push it off. But damn, it was too heavy. Taking in another deep, yet weak breath, you felt your eyes well with tears.

You gasped, nearly choking the tears down as you heard the porch's door begin to open behind you. You wiped your tears away, turning to your left just a bit.

"I-I'm busy.." You tried to say at least a tad bit normal but it came out hourse.

"___-" Q spoke up.

"I'm fine!" You turned towards him, eyes just a soft pink from the new tears.

"___? Are you-"

You were about to interupt him once more, but found yourself choking back tears until you fell to the porch on your knees crying.

Q quickly went by your side, wrapping his arms around you. You began to shake softly from your sobs. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry." You repeated. Q merely shushed you, rocking you in his hold.

"Don't be. I understand. Let it out."

You felt it an act of weakness but you couldn't help it. It felt nice though you mentally felt like screaming of embarrassment. How could you let him see you like this?

You glanced up, tears trickling down your cheek.


"Hush, there is no need for explaining, or plea of sorrow. I understand." He wiped his thumb along your cheek, catching a tear. He smiled sullenly, looking at you hesitantly. You sniffled and took in a shallow breath, beginning to nod. And with that, you wrapped your arms around his neck.

Q placed a kiss to your cheek, pulling you back close.

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