As you washed the dishes, you hummed a tune. It was a tune that had been stuck in your head all day. Unfortunately, you couldn't think of the name. So you were both equally happy and frustrated.

You ignored your thoughts as you hummed, washing a couple plates and a few bowls. You started to clean a spoon when a pair of hands were placed over your eyes.

"Huh?" You tilted your head.

"Guess who-" A strange voice was heard and you were confused.

C'mon, you can guess who it is, you thought.

"Uh?" You placed your slightly wet hand on the hands on his hands. You smiled at the feeling.


"Hey, you can't touch my hands because you know them too well."

"Can't help I like your hands."

You turned, smiling up at the man. "Is it a problem?" You asked, leaning close to Q.

He smirked, "No-" He leaned in as well, placing a kiss to your lips.

"Then hush."

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