Here you were; at Starbucks by the 7/11. The clock that hung on the overly decorated wall read 2:59. Was getting here 30 minutes early a little too much? Maybe. Maybe it was a little too much that you were meeting someone from the Internet! He could be some some old creep, for all you knew. But something in your gut told you this would be good - or maybe it was just the feeling of odd butterflies in your gut.

You sighed loudly, playing with your cup of coffee.

You're just overthinking shit. The usual.

The bell of the Starbucks rang, catching your attention. Your eyes flew to the door, but saddened when it was a couple. Had you gotten here to early after all? Or had he actually ditched you?

You gasped outwardly at the thought. Maybe he was just joshing with you the whole time???

"(Your Name)?"

You looked up quickly, seeing exactly the man you were looking for. When the hell did he come in? Never mind that, he was exactly who he portrayed himself on the website! He was, well, a hunk.

You nodded, smiling, "Salamander?"

"Sal, please." He took a seat, noticing you had already ordered.

"How long you been here?"

You flushed with embarrassment, looking down at your cup. You rubbed your thumb against the side shyly.

"A while Im guessing?"

"I couldn't wait to, uhm, meet you." You admitted, biting your tongue.

"If we're being honest, I almost ran late trying to pick the right outfit to impress you." He winks, causing the heat in your cheeks to rise.

You were silent, hating how band silence was overwhelming you.

"You're actually really pretty. Surprised you took your time to meet someone like me."

You glanced up, your eyes meeting his. Your heart was racing as you softly laughed.

"I could say the same. I mean er, well, not pretty but-"

He gasped, "Im not pretty?!" His voice was high pitched, false shock in his voice.

You laughed, placing a hand over your mouth. After a moment, you placed your hand back on the table. You dipped at your coffee, realizing how cold it had become.

The sudden touch to your hand caused your heart to skip a beat. You looked from your hand to Sal. He winked, squeezing your hand.

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