You flopped onto the bed, whining loudly. "This can't be happening. My life is over. It's completely over." You whined, your face directly into the bed. You began to whimper and then curled up into yourself.

"How am I going to live? How am I supposed to live?" You stared at the wall as if you were a mental patient.

"Hey, babe. You seen the-" Murr paused when he saw the condition you were in. "remote..." He tilted his head slightly, nearing you.

"I'm dying, Murr. Dying."

He stared at you blankly for a few seconds, then sighed, "You finished the book?"

"Yes." You croaked, not even looking towards your boyfriend. "How am I supposed to go on with life without anymore tales of (character from book)?" You whined once more and then laid upon your back, arms and legs sprawled out as you stared at the ceiling. Murr walked up behind you, leaning down and placing a kiss to your forehead.

"I got an idea to help you, babe."

You finally moved your eyes to look at Murr upside down, "Eh?"

He neared your ear and softly whisper, "Fanfiction."

You paused, eyes widening. You jumped up quickly and gave the man a strong hug, "This is why I love you!"And with that, you were quickly out the room and probably going to either your laptop or phone.

Murr just sighed and shook his head, heading back into the living room - still without knowledge of where the remote was.


Me when I finished this pre-teen titanic series. but the sad thing was that there were no fanfics. rip me.

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