Who were you to call? You kept repeating the question over and over in your head. Of course a few were better than the other and picking the wrong one would lead to a terrible date... Jesus Christ, this sounded like some sim dating game.

You sighed and looked at the list of phone numbers. Your heart sped up at the possibilities to come. Of course your mind was having these thoughts instead of deciding already and that really bothered you.

But then it hit you.

You gave an sharp intake of air and then dialed his number.


"Is this Q?"

"You can call me Brian, dear."

You felt smiled shyly, glad that he wasn't there to see it.

"Hey, so you wanna sorta meet up at the park?" He asked and even though you hardly knew the man who you met the day before at the library, you found yourself surprised at the nervousness in his voice.

"Of course." You played with the hem of your shirt.

"Say five this afternoon?"

"Sounds a like a winner to me." You smiled and said your good byes. With that, you let out a long breath you hadn't realized you were hold and smiled.

Maybe this wasn't the wrong one.



You looked up from twiddling your thumbs and smiled warmly at the man. Q took a seat beside you on the park bench.

"Fancy meeting you here, eh?" He said teasingly and you laughed.

"Such a coincidence." You played along, feeling your nerves hit you at full speed. You couldn't help but stare down at your lap.

"Started the book yet?" He quirked a brow.

"I did actually." You said and looked back up at him. "I was so curious, considering I didn't know they had a book by this title and boy can I say it's already good. I mean I'm only a few chapters in and I'm in love with the characters. I mean you could understand if-" You stopped yourself and flushed madly.

"Oh jeez, I'm sorry." You laughed awkwardly, "I tend to ramble on like that."

"No, no, you're fine. I like to hear your rambling." He said whilst moving his arm to lay along the back of the bench and behind you. You felt your heart skip a beat.

"You sure?"


You smiled wider, "I gotta ask, though."


"Do you carry your number everywhere and wait until a pretty girl happens to show up?" You couldn't help but tease and you could see Q flush, no hiding there.

"I- No!" He made a awkward face and laughed, "No, that's not it at all. I," He paused and sighed, "I actually saw you at the library a few days prier and was waiting a chance to finally talk to you."

"Do you not actually like that author then?"

"No, I actually do." He smirked, "I noticed you in that section yesterday and was already headed there anyways so, why not kill two birds with one stone?"

"I'd rather not be killing any birds, thank you." You laughed and he just beamed a bright smile.

You began to think that maybe this was the right choice.

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