You had ordered your glass of tea when you heard a familiar voice, "(Name)!"

"Murr." You smiled shyly as he began to sit in front of you. He placed his jack on his chair and gave you beaming smile.

"So, the weather's great huh?"

"Yeah, glad I brought my umbrella." You laughed under your breath, looking down at your hands. Murr gave you a look.

"You okay there?"

You were silent for a moment, "Yeah, just nervous."

Murr smiled, "Don't be. I won't bite, unless you ask." He was obviously teasing and joking, but you took it seriously as you gave him a stern look and his face fell.

"I-I didn't mean it that way. Honestly, I don't-"

"No, it's fine." You shook your head and sighed. There was awkward silence and Murr looked down at his lap. The waitress came over and asked if Murr needed anything.

"No, no. I'll just have a water."

When the waitress left, there was another silence. And it was like that until the waitress came back. He leaned to get his water as the waitress was about to put it on the table, and it ended with him knocking it from her hands onto you.

You gasped as the ice cold water hit you and you stood.

"I'm- I'm- Sorry! I'm such an idiot. I just fucked up tonight- I-"

"Yes, you have and did." You slid your phone into your pocket. "Bye, Murr." And with that you left. Never hearing from him again.

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