Fanning yourself, you grumbled. You were sprawled out on your bed, only wearing a big T shirt - surely Joe's - and a pair of short shorts - only for house purposes, not public, mind you. A bag of ice lay on your head, another on your shoulder, and one between your thighs. Fans were surrounding the bed and the AC on the lowest, coldest tempature.

So, to put it simple, you were burning the hell up.

It was only a couple weeks ago, you were covered in blankets. Now look at you.

Sighing, you turned on your belly, sprawling in a new position.


"You ok, babe?"

You grumbled in response. A moment later, the bed creaked, though you ignored it. That is until you felt arms wrap around you and Joe cuddling you.

"It's too hot for this!" You whined, moving away from his grip.

He chuckled, "You think your hot?"

With the little sarcasm in you, you laughed, "I don't think. I know."

It took Joe a moment, but then he started chuckling. He paused, then sat upwards. He patted your leg, leaning near you and placed a kiss to your cheek. He got up and walked out to the hall.

"Want some lemonade?"

All you responded with was a grunt. A laugh from Joe followed.

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