Sal tapped his leg, glancing around. Where were you? One minute, you ask him to stay here while you shop, the next you were no where in sight. How far can you possibly get in a small clothes shop in a mall?

Sal looked at his watch.


All he could think of was lunch. The two of you hadn't had breakfast and the supper from the night before didn't really help.

Though meanwhile, you were trying on nearly every pair of pants in the store that were your size plus every shirt you thought were cute. You really hadn't been watching the time and was more interested in these outfits.


Sal sighed, putting his face in his hands.

"I'm done."

"Oh, thank god." He stood up, grabbing his bags. He then saw the bags in your hands, counting at least five - minus the ones from other stores. You chuckled, walking up near him and gave him a kiss.

"You love me, otherwise you'd be gone by now."

He rolled his eyes though smiling, "You're lucky."

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