"What is it, what is it?" You ran into Murr's bedroom. Murr had been sick for a couple weeks and you had been looking after him. You didn't mind; he was your boyfriend after all.

Murr shook dramatically, "Im c-c-c.." He sneezed, "Cold!"

"And you have one too, Hun." You laughed, turning down the AC. You walked to Murr's side, sitting on the bed.

Murr whined, "I also want soup."

"You've already had two bowls!" You laughed once again.

"If it makes me better then give me more!" He smiled weakly, but tried to fake pout.

"You'll be fine." You frowned, leaning to give him a kiss but stopped.

"Ohh, don't wanna get myself sick."

Suddenly, Murr leaned and kissed your lips. You squeaked, "Hey!"

"You're treating me so sweet, I need to return the favor."

You gaped, getting another kiss from Murr.

"I hate he fact that I love you." You muttered, snickering.

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