You sat in the local coffee shop, reading your favorite book, and enjoying your favorite coffee from the menu. It was a quiet afternoon, and you were enjoying every minute of it. Today was your day off, of course, so you couldn't help but take advantage of the moment.

Flipping to another page, you took a sip of your coffee and sighed. Yes, this was exactly what you needed from your past hectic days at your job. Approaching the drama in your book, you were just about to flip the page to get to juicy part when someone just had to interrupt your piece.

"Excuse me." You tried not to show your annoyance because, really? Right when your OTP of the book was about to confess? When you glanced up, trying to desperately to hide the scoff, you stopped.

A very handsome man stood in front of you.

"I couldn't help but notice you and admire you." The man said rather bluntly, causing you to blush furiously. What had he just-

"Here, I'd love to get to know you sometime, but I gotta be leaving soon." He slid a slip of paper on the table and just like that, he was gone. Honestly, all that happened way to fast!

You looked to the paper with a furious blush on your cheeks. It had the guys number and his name.

Text me when you wanna, hun. Sal ;)

But that was only the beginning of your day.


As you trashed your coffee into the trash bin, you decided it was best to head back to the library and return the book. You had, somehow, managed to finish the book. Though you had to admit you were more or less thinking about that Sal guy.

No one randomly admired you! That was something that made you feel giddy.

After returning the book and deciding to check out another, you approached your usual section of the library and began to decide what you'd like to read this time. Sliding your fingers along the book spines, you found your hand meeting another.

With a fit of 'sorrys' and mostly blubbering, you were met with another rather attractive man. Two in one day?

"You like (Your Favorite Author) Too?"

"I absolutely adore them!" You smiled wide.

"That's awesome!" The bearded man laughed. You were busy looking at a book when Q took one of the author's books down.

"I highly recommend this one." He handed you the book and it was apparently a book by the author you surprisingly had never seen. Looking to the man, you smiled.

"Thank you!" You nodded and then bid him a farewell as you went to check it out. When you went to check it out, you noticed a piece of paper slip out of it. What it read made your eyes wide.

You seem really interesting. We should hang sometime. Q :)

Oh dear...


The way home was kind of a mess compared to your day. It began to rain and of course you couldn't get a taxi. Great, just great! You had the book in your hoodie's pocket so it wouldn't get soaked, but unfortunately for you, you were. Even with the hoodie.

And it was still some time before you'd get home.

You sighed as you jogged down the sidewalk, hoping and praying that a taxi would magically appear. But instead you were found running right into someone.

"Oh, jeez! I'm sorry! I just wanted to get out of the rain and-!"

The man laughed, and- Dammit! What was with all these hot guys you were running into??

"You're fine, you wanna get under my umbrella."

You bit your lip, looking up at the umbrella. You didn't want to be of a burden, and the man seemed to notice that. He shook his head, "I'm Murr. I won't bite" He smiled reassuringly.

You hesitated a moment longer before nodding and getting under, "(Name)."

"Where you headed?"

You gave him your address and he smiled, "That's not far from my place. I'll walk you there." And with that, you two headed towards your place. It was a peaceful walk, even if it was pouring cats and dogs. You two talked about small things and such, and you felt yourself enjoying it.

When you finally arrived, the man didn't exactly leave. He sorta hesitated.

"Uhm, would it be too forward to ask for your number?" He asked shyly.

"Not at all." Considering Murr didn't just slyly slip his number. You exchanged numbers, and with that he bid you farewell with a wave of the hand and he left.

Well he was sweet enough, but really?!


Of course, you knew it couldn't happen today. It was just unlikely. You already had three guys numbers!

Heading down the hall of your apartment, you were met with your neighbor. Your rather attractive neighbor at that.


"Hey, (Name)! Just the person I wanted to see."

You tilted your head with curiosity as you sipped at your freshly made coffee, "Why's that?"

"I was, uhm, wondering if you'd like to have dinner with me, uhm, sometime." He smiled and you were taken about. No. No, no, NO. Why was everyone asking for your number or out on a date. This was insane! Before all this you were hardly admired, now why the attention?

"I, uh, I may be busy tonight, but I'll call you if I'm free."

Joe's face fell at first but then it lifted by the end of your sentence, "Well, great! If you do call, I have the best place."

"Great," You smiled awkwardly and nodded, "Well, I gotta be off to work. I'll talk to you later." With a wave, you were off to work.

And on your mind was, 'What the actual fuck, man?' & 'Who was I to choose?'


Part 22 will all be choices for the ending of this. Like, whether you'd want to call Sal, Q, Murr, or Joe. Like a second parter!

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