A/N: Yes, I know the boys were in an all boys school. Hince why i say Highschool AU (Alternate Universe).

Clinging text books to your chest, you scurried down a long, unfamiliar hallway.

Person after person bumped into you, too careless to say 'excuse me'. You'd make a distasteful look but ignored it all together. You had no time to worry.

Speaking of time. You glanced to your wrist watch, frowning.

You only had about three minutes to make it to class.

And to top it all off, you were new. These hallways were foreign - as well as the faces. You were actually surprised you made it this far into today, three quarters the way in - almost to your third block*.

Mindlessly, you thought of where the next class was located - hoping by golly your mind wouldn't trick and confuse you, leading to a tardy. That's the last thing you wanted.

The more time you took looking for the class, the more your pace began to speed up. Small strides turned to long, quick ones.

Your glanced at door numbers and teacher names.



Is this even near-?

Maybe? Oh, nevermind.


With all this going on, you found yourself walking right into someone, text books falling to the floor from both directions.

"Shit-" You heard the guy say.

In all flustered motion, you blushed, bending down. "I'm so, so sorry." You began to pick up your books.

The guy before you bent down as well, retrieving fallen books, "Nah, it's all cool."

You were reaching for your folder book when both of your hands met.

"Sorry-" You both said in unison.

You blushed darkly, flustered.

He smirked.

"You're new, aren't you?" He asked, standing up. In the back of your mind you knew you should be hurrying to class, but something told you to stay put.

You merely nodded, "Yeah."

"Well, I'm Sal. You are?"


As he was about to speak up, a bell was sounded.

And you - and probably him as well - was tardy.


"Ah, man. Not again." Sal spoke up, grumling to himself. His mood though suddenly changed as he shrugged. "What class you got next?"

"AP Biology."

This brought a smile to his face.

"Great. Same class." He chuckled, "Hey, I'll show you where the class is and see if we can slip by from a tardy slip by saying your new, or uh, something." He gestured his head, walking in a direction. You simply followed after, clinging those books to your chest.


*BLOCK: a type of academic scheduling in which each student has fewer classes per day. Each class is scheduled for a longer period of time than normal (usually 90 minutes instead of 50)

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