"Joe, what? This is too much you didn't have to-"

"Trust me, I can afford it. Plus, only the best for the best neighbor, eh?"

"Sure." You glared in his direction at hearing how stuck up he sounded. 'Trust me, I can afford it.' Well, fuck-dee doo da. You ended up just ordering a small salad and a water, causing Joe to notice.

"You could have gotten something more tastier, y'know?"

"Salads are good." You stated, not even looking up at him as you closed the menu and pushed it away. Joe frowned, "I'm sorry, was this a bad idea?" You didn't reply.

"I guess it was." Was what he muttered under his breath, "You're way too beautiful and all the money in the world couldn't give me your love in return."

"Can you just stop talking about your money? I honestly don't care." You said, digging in your pocket and pulling out a few dollars. You placed the bills in front of him, "For the Salad. I'm not going to be eating it, but ain't going to be wasting my money." You said, standing.

"Wait!" Joe said, standing at the same time. But you were walking out before he could say anything else.

Needless to say, Joe moved out a week later and you haven't from him since.


A/N: And that's it for The Calling series! That was fun. I imagined these endings like the Undertale endings. You got your Good & Bad endings. No neutral because??? how? And I know these are kinda harsh and little sad 'awing', but with the right negative atmosphere, shit can hit the fan. 

But I hope you enjoyed!

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