Spinning in your office chair, you listened happily to your music that played from your laptop. In your hand you held your phone, which you mindlessly was playing some building game. It was a tedious game, but it was humorous and passed time.

You bought supplies for a building and was about to go buy more but was interupted by a new message. Looking at the number, you smirked. You hummed as a new song turned on, clicking on the message header.

[ Hey :-) What ya up to, ____ ? ] - Sal

You mindlessly replied, typing in quite a quick speed - probably due to messaging too much.

[ Nothing much, just jamming. You? ] - You

You stared at your screen, waiting for a reply, but nothing. You shrugged, going back to your game. But once you got back on, building up that little building again, another message.

[ Headed your way, got you something. ] - Sal

[ Don't you think you shouldn't text and drive? ] - You

[ I'm only texting when I get to a red light. Calm yourself. lol ] - Sal

[ lol. ok :) <3 ] - You

You went back to your game, mindlessly tapping your foot to the music as you awaited Sal.

It wasn't ten minutes when you heard the knock on the door. You walked to the door, eyes glued to your phone, opening it.

"Supri- Really?"

You pulled a building material to a certain section of the game, slowly glancing up. "What?"

He rolled his eyes, "Surprise!"

You looked at him, "What?"

"Your something is here!"

You glanced at him curiously, starting to snort. He rolled his eyes in return, moving near you and scooping you in his arms. He placed kisses to your cheek, causing you to drop your phone. You squeaked, giggling. "You're lucky I have a protector on that thing!" You exclaimed, tickling at the man.

"Oh, to hell with it." He chuckled, pecking your lips.

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