Of course you knew exactly who you were to call. Out of all the guys, who made your heart swell at the very thought of him? Who was the sweetest and generous? No one, except Murr, of course.

You dialed his number and awaited the dial tone.


"Is this Murr?"

"Yes, who's speaking."

"Do you recall helping someone yesterday with an umbrella?" You asked with a soft smile, even though you knew he couldn't see it.

"(Name)? Hey! I didn't know you'd call this soon." There was rattling on the other end and some other noises.

"If I were any weirder I'd have called you instantly yesterday." You joked, "But hey you busy?" You referred to the noise in the background.

"Oh no, opposite, really. Just-" There was a pause, "Got out of work. Sorry, had to switch the phone to my other ear." He laughed.

You smiled, "Well, I'm glad."


"I was wondering if you'd wanna meet up somewhere?"

There was a pause and even though you knew he was probably busy trying to a bus, you hoped he was smiling to himself.

"How's the diner sound?"

"Lovely to me." And with that, you said your goodbyes and hung up. You had a good feeling about this.


You already had ordered yourself a glass of ice tea when you heard a familiar voice. "(Name)!" Murr said as he neared you at the small table.

You looked up and smiled, "Hey." You cupped the glass of tea with your hands as he sat in front of you. The waitress stopped by and asked Murr if he wanted anything and he just asked for some ice cold water.

"So, (Name), glad it isn't raining?"

"Man, even if it was, I'd still not be able to have my umbrella."


"Can't even find it!" You sighed.

"Might 'ought to buy you one then."

"Oh no, you shouldn't go through the trouble of-"

"I insist. I am your rain buddy after all." He gave you a wink and you simply melted.

"Anyways, I'm glad you called. I was actually debating to myself whether or not I should have called. But you answered that for me." He flashed a bright smile.

"I had to return the favor."

At that, the waitress returned with his water, "You're awfully sweet. I think I'm going to love that about you."

Oh, man, oh, man were you right about this decision.

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