"Babe, what're you doing?" Murr asks as he enters the kitchen, raising a brow. You are standing by the stove, the kettle sitting a top of a warm burner.

"What does it look like?"

"I'm asking for a reason." Murr laughs.

You sigh, "Guess."

"Making tea?"

"What? No, hot chocolate!"

"(Name), it's summer."

"Yeah? So?" You smirk, turning as the kettle begins to whistle. You walk over to the pantry and take out two cups and a two packs of hot chocolate. He follows you, leaning on a counter.

You put together the hot chocolate and handed him a cup, "You're a strange one, babe."


"But I love ya." He snickered, placing a kiss on your cheek and then he took a sip.


"It's called hot chocolate for a reason." You laughed.

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