This is actually based on a dream I had the other night where I was in some sort of 'friends' with benefits relationship with Joe. Or I thought we were dating, then one day he says he got engaged and he's finding band sizes. ;-;


You sat on the edge of a pier, swaying your leg back and forth, toe barely touching the top of the water. Glancing out at the lake, you smiled faintly.

You were just his 'side dish'. Joe Gatto's gal on the side, second lover.

You tightened your jaw.

"Where've you been?" You say, arms wrapping around his shoulders. You two share a quick kiss. "..Busy." That was code for 'it's my wife'.

From the very start, you knew he was married. And you knew what you were to him in the first place. The two of you met after an episode, turning into a fling after chit chat. The fling then grew into a secret. It was a thrill keeping something like this to a hush minimum.

Dipping your toe into the cool water, you realized an ache in your jaw. Slowly, you released the tension you caused in your teeth.

Though, it wasn't his fault. You knew this 'friend's with benefits' situtation could never turn into anything more. But something clicked after a while.

You felt yourself falling in love. Or was it really love?

You thought about it endlessly. Should you confess?

"I thought we could try and start our own life together."

"What?" There was an eerie silence as Joe stared at you.


A blush appeared along your cheeks.

This situation you were in wasn't all your problem. What if Joe got caught? You would be hated by his wife but then he could come running back to you. He could finally love you like you loved him.

But everything wasn't as it was in your mind.

Pulling away from a kiss, you stared at the man before you. You reflected the faint smile he gave. Though his smile slowly faded.

"I have- well, I have some bad news, kiddo."

Bad news?

"The wife decided to move."

And just like that, four months later, you haven't seen, heard, or knew about his whereabouts. Were you just a local screw he found interest out of boredom?

You let out a shakey sigh, staring at your reflection in the crisp, clear water. For a moment, you just stared at yourself, pondering. Then a moment later, you slowly fell forward and into the water.


A/N: Let me just make this clear, that the ending is very vague. Like you can interpret it how you wish, but it's more of some deep meaning. It's not that you can't swim and you drown. It's just that you're sick of it??? I'm not sure lmao.
I get so many comments on this particular chapter and I get so amused.

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