You threw your line out, smiling as the wind flew past you. You breathed in deeply through your nose, smelling the fresh air. It was rare occasions you got to do this - just sitting here, relaxing as you fished. A nice little time at a park seemed to calm your nerves. Just relaxation.

"God dammit!" 

Next thing you knew, a fishing rod being thrown past you, followed by a loud splash. You eyed the now rippling water, mouth gaping. "What the-?"

And then it happened. Another splash. But it was even bigger.

"Joe! What the hell, man!" Murr's voice called out.

It was Joe, he had dove for his rod! You begin to snicker, placing your hand over your face while your other hand held your own rod.

"Got it!" Joe plunged outward from the water, rod in hand.

"Uhm, Joe?"

"Yeah, sweetie?"

"Go got a little.." 

Joe glanced down at himself, noticing new company.


You snickered, trying your hardest not to straight out laugh. Well, the rest of the gang was but you tried your best not to.

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