"Go fish." You said, followed by a sigh from Murr. He picked up a card, seeing what he had gotten.

The two of you were bored and thus, after finding an old deck of cards, were stuck playing this. At first, it was fine and fun. But after at least ten rounds of it, you both found it to be lacking any more entertainment.

"Got any 8s?" You asked.

"Go fish." Upon his words, you quickly placed your head on the table, grumbling.

"We gotta find something more entertaining to pass the time."

A moment of silence went save the sound of grinding gears of the both of you in thought. Then, simultaniously, the both you grinned.

"Netflix binge?" "Pie eating contest."

You knitted your brows together in confusion in his answer, "Pie eating contest?" By the way you both grinned, you would have guess they had the same idea.


"Jenga." "Marbles."

Murr frowned, you sighed.

"Cuddle on the couch?" The both of you said at the same time. Then that grinned returned.


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