"Whatcha doin'?"

You ceased your typing on the keyboard and slowly glanced up. In front of you was Q, leaning towards you with a curious expression. He glanced down to your computer, his head covering your screen. You grimaced and pushed his head back up.

"None your bees wax, Bri." Your cheeks were flushed darkly red.

Q looked at you with a pout of his lips.

You sighed heavily, "Can I just write in peace?"

"Can you just tell me what you're writing?"

You glared at him and whined, "A story." And just like that you went back to speed typing, trying to ignore the man.

He bent down once more in front of the screen, and in horror, you tried pushing him back.

"Did I just see 'dick' in there?"

"NO, Q, GET OUT." You slammed your laptop and grunted in annoyance.

"Were you writing a-"


Q couldn't help the smirk as he leaned in and placed a sweet kiss to your lips. You reluctantly kissed back. When Q pulled away, he whispered, "And I read our names."

At that you swatted at him, only for him to laugh loudly.

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